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Zambia local community

Oh no! The Rondaval is coming down!

early days at ChilongoloThe Rondaval! We're pretty sure you have seen it pictured in previous news reports. Built from an upturned satellite tracking dish, the former owner of Chilongolo used it as a shelter for his charter flight passengers. When Flying Mission Zambia took over the property, it became the meeting place for Rainbowz, the Bible Studies, Fellowship meals, Prayer meetings, Easter Sunrise service, Farewell parties, distribution of soccer kit - many, many relationship-building events. Now, with the development of the base extending, it is in the way, so it is coming down!

Want to make it happen for Prince?

Prince at MICSThis is Prince. He boards at MICS, the community school in Macha, rural Zambia. He needs a suitable wheel chair to use around rough-ground Macha. An organisation has kindly donated one. It is in a container in the USA. It can't be shipped till there are funds. Until it comes, Prince is having great difficulty wheeling around the village and school complex.

Director of MICS, Ronda Krause, says this:

'During the past year and a half MICS has been blessed by some very special donors from Orphans Promise who graciously donated the funds to build a second boarding home for MICS.

There's more to tell about Fred!

Fred with his friends in MachaWe told you recently about a young lad called Fred from Macha who got to fly in a plane. We mentioned that he had many medical and practical needs to be met in the future and we were believing God to meet them for him. Not many days after the special flight which we described in the item, 'To fly like a bird', there is a great post script to add.

New experience, new swing!

Being a Flying Mission Zambia pilot is not just about flying aeroplanes - oh no. Pilot Rick Rempel, stationed at Macha with his family, decided to offer a new experience to the older boys at the MICS (Macha Innovative Christian School) by helping them to design and build a swing set for the school. 

He tells us, "The first thing the boys did was to look at another swing set to see how it was designed and how we could build our own.

The world hears about Macha

FlVan Stam with pilot Joelying Mission Zambia has heard of the broadcast of a BBC programme highlighting the difference being made by the Christian organisation 'Macha Works'. Since 2004, FMZ has regularly supported this innovative work with aviation service. Click this link to see for yourself what the BBC reported:


Different year: same extraordinary love story!

Flying Mission Zambia serves the whole country with its aviation services from its base at Chilongolo, near Lusaka. FMZ personnel have always enjoyed working with our neighbours to show Christ's immeasurable love to His World. Christmas is a great time to do this and this is the report of 'Chilongolo Christmas 2010' from John and FRainbowz celebrate Christmasaith Solt, who help to lead Rainbowz, the weekly children's meeting.

It was the day after Christmas. It looked like rain again!  We drove up the road to get ready for Rainbowz. About 40 children were anxiously waiting at the gate.  They were an hour early, excitedly anticipating what was to come.  When the gate finally opened, over 170 children ran to the rondaval, oblivious to the rain clouds that were forming overhead. 

Six new 'recruits'?

boys in planeUsually Flying Mission Zambia flies in support of other mission agencies. Sometimes, though, FMZ personnel will commission a plane for the purpose of expressing God to local people.  This happened recently when pilot John Solt rewarded some of the soccer team with a whole new experience! John's wife, Faith, told us:

'The sun was low in the sky as the six boys eagerly climbed into the airplane to experience the first flight of their lives.

No-one is too small for God

Benny with mum and baby sisterOnce upon a time there was a little boy called Benny. He lived with his mother, father and siblings in a small 2-roomed house near to Flying Mission Zambia base at Chilongolo, Makeni Konga. Although his mother was severely disabled, she looked after the children well and they were known to be a very well-behaved and pleasant family.

One day Benny got sick.

Textbooks break the record! says Ronda

Ronda Krause, Director of Macha Innovative Christian School, MICS, which serves the Macha community in the bush, sent us this report recently. Flying Mission Zambia is proud to be able to help in situations like this.

Pilot John  unloads cargoLast week I was talking to God about the fact that we needed more textbooks. You see, the ones we have been using for the last five years were already secondhand when we got them. A school in Botswana was so kind when they gave us their used books to get us started. The other day I noticed the condition of the books as I was getting some reading books for the fifth grade class. Yikes! Most of them were falling apart!!

Lusaka under water

floods in LusakaThis rainy season has been particularly severe in Lusaka, capital of Zambia, where the Flying Mission Zambia base is located. Getting to and from Chilongolo, 15 kms from the centre, has been a logistics exercise in itself. When the Flying Mission Board visited recently, the road was so damaged and blocked by broken-down vehicles that a flight had to be generated to get personnel back into town! We'll let the pictures show you the conditions.

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