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Zambia related projects

Make way! More progress at Chilongolo base

Chilongolo, base for Flying Mission operations in Zambia, is growing in all directions. This new hangar, funded jointly by Beit Trust and a supporting church in USA, is the latest development. It will provide much-needed wind protection and hard standing for our aeroplanes. Indeed it may even enable us to apply for status as a maintenance base in the future.

Making Connections in Zambia

Open for business! Connections Guest House is finally ready to welcome you!

After several years of effort by many helpers from around the world, the main house at Chilongolo (Flying Misson Zambia's base outside of Lusaka) is ready to receive guests.

Can mission really be this much fun?

first FMZ flight

Here at Flying Mission Zambia we think it can. Vounteers young, and older, come to spend a few weeks or even months helping to develop the aviation service ministry which is unfolding in Zambia. They come with many talents and 'get stuck in'.

Worth Waiting For!

container at the start of it's journey!

Some time ago, a group of US supporters made a plan to send a container of goods to assist the fast-growing work of Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ). They advertised the scheme in the US and began to collect for it.

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