Stories from Zambia

So what do missionaries do all day?

Have you ever wondered what a missionary's day might look like? Of course, every one is different, but to show her supporters what they are investing in, Sally Lott (Flying Mission Zambia Member Care) described one day she had recently. We invite you to journey with her in Zambia's capital and suburbs.

Power Day!

Three times each year, we have a Day of Prayer at Flying Mission Zambia. During that time, we take time to pray for happenings at Flying Mission as well as for events in Zambia and around the world. The focus of the most recent Day of Prayer on the 24th of February was the missionaries we serve and their ministries. It was the first DoP that Brighton Lubasi has attended.  Below is his perspective on the event...
I expected us to be praying the whole day with no breaks and that we would be fasting the whole time as well!
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