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Combating Cold at Rerotlhe Day Care

Children at Rerotlhe Day Care with Donated Items

On 27th June 2014, a team from Flying Mission Care Ministries travelled to the remote settlement of Seherelela (130km from Gaborone) to donate winter clothing to children who attend the Rerotlhe Day Care Centre.

Visitors - we love 'em!

Whole team from Texas

Flying Mission missionaries know the importance of keeping their supporters 'up to speed' with events, so they try to write bi-monthly reports. Sometimes their friends are so inspired by what they read that they come out and get their hands dirty alongside those they support. This happened to the Kradolfers recently. They wrote about it this month:

"Just recently we had a short term team from Longview Texas visit Chilongolo. The team was from Fellowship Bible Church, our home church from our LeTourneau University time. They came as a team of 11 to support us here at Flying Mission with their gifts, passions, and talents."

Timo and Nina join the team

Jonathan with Timo and Nina

It was when they were attending the graduation of pilot Jonathan Weaver from the JAARS flight training programme, that John and Faith Solt first met Timo and Nina. Timo was undergoing Technical Evaluation.* 

They would meet them again when the couple came to Zambia for three weeks to find out what serving with Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) would be like.  ‘They earned a very special place in our hearts as they asked many questions and participated in various ministries. We knew they would fit in well with the team' reports pilot John (now retired from FMZ).  

Me? A Missionary?

Sonia Sutton; Short-Term Missionary with Flying Mission

Then Jesus came to them and said,“ … go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you …” Matthew 28:18-20.

It is Jesus’ command to all believers that they should take the Gospel, through word and deed, to the whole world. At Flying Mission we are blessed to have an international team serving with us in fulfillment of this command. Part of this team is Sonia Sutton, a teacher from New Zealand, who is doing a short–term placement with us. We asked her a few questions about what brought her to Botswana and Flying Mission. Here’s what she had to say:


I know what you need!

CASAS church in Tucson, Arizona, USA, has generously supported Flying Mission Zambia in various ways over a number of years so it was not altogether surprising to hear from them last year with another proposition. They were upgrading their Christian School laptops, and offering the obsolete models to Zambia. Although initially we had no obvious need for them, we gratefully accepted them. They were to come out in a container which was due to arrive in June. It finally came in August. In September, just a matter of days later, FMZ was informed of a burglary in Macha – laptops were taken from New Day Orphanage! The rest is history!

Jonathan's northern adventure- playing the waiting game

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a week long flight,travelling with two men from an NGO (non-government organisation) around the Luapula Province in Zambia. It turned out to be a bit more than I had bargained for!

We set off early Monday morning and flew to the first location, Mansa, which has a very nice tarmac runway. The meetings went well, and we were then transported by road to the next town, Samfya. Samfya is on the shores of Lake Bangweulu, a large freshwater lake which is quite beautiful, and not far from the spot where David Livingstone died. 

Fundraising Help for Faith Based Organisations

Mr Michael Myerstein leads fundraising workshop for FBOsThere are many 'Faith Based Organisations' (FBOs) in Botswana that do a great variety of valuable and important work. Most are reliant on large international donors and occasional government offers to fund proposals. The challenge of finding funding to sustain the various ministries has always been a difficult one and it is one that seems to be getting harder. The global economic crises has certainly impacted the funds large donor bodies are able to give, and the causes and interests of donors are becoming narrower. If FBOs are to thrive in Botswana they need to think beyond their traditional donor base, to consider other potential donors and to be empowered and equipped to tap into them.

It was therefore very exciting for Flying Mission Care Ministries, along with Hope Worldwide and Pastor Andrew Mudereri (St Peters Day Care), to be involved in hosting and facilitating a fundraising Workshop for FBOs.

Children's Ministry Training Workshop

On 29th January Flying Mission Care Ministries was privileged to facilitate a 1 day workshop for children’s ministry workers in Gaborone. The workshop was presented by Mrs Kimberley Stahlke, who volunteered her time to run the event during a 2 week visit from her home in Canada. Kimberley has many years of experience as a Children’s worker and Sunday School director.Composite image of Children's Ministry Workshop

Transformed community

A transformed community? Flying Mission Zambia Pilot, David Lott, heard about it whilst flying a medical team to Lusaka following their mission to Samfya, Zambia. He was just doing his job when he got to hear this story, and found he actually had a part in it!

Vinjeru School is open!

Flying Mission Zambia was ready to 'skip for joy' with the children of Vinjeru School when they heard the good news that the school is open! 

FMZ has shared its Hydraform Block Machine with the school on 2 occasions to help them to make progress on their buildings. (Read about that in the item, Helping Children in rural Zambia, on this news site.) It is the purpose of FMZ to enable other missions to fulfil their God-given roles, so we feel it appropriate to share with our supporters what Martin and Karolyn told their supporters recently:


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