Canada to Kumakwane with Love - A Transport of Delight

Flying Mission has lots of visitors: some come to spend time with family members or friends serving with the mission, some come from the sending missions to find out how their people are getting along, and some come from organisations that are looking into whether we can work together on a particular project. One of our visitors last year was a Canadian, Len McKay, who served with Flying Mission as an aircraft mechanic in the mid-1990s. He wasn’t here simply for a nostalgia trip but to find out what we are currently doing and if his home church could contribute in some way.

Air Ambulance Saves Girl from Bush Accident

Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) has placed Phil Smith and his family at Chitokoloki Mission with a Cessna 206, to serve the Church and Mission in that area. When Chief Pilot Dave Lott was checking Phil out on airstrips in the North West Province, neither had any idea that very soon they were going to be used significantly by God. Phil’s first Air Ambulance flight for FMZ saved Gladys, a 16-year-old girl.

Catalysts for Change

Mercia’s attention was caught by the Radio Pulpit programme, which today was focussed on the ‘CrossRoads’ Programme, a Campus Crusade educational programme geared towards young people. Developed in two parts, ‘Better Choices’ aims to help young people make choices based on godly values; ‘Life at the Crossroads’ is a training programme for those eager to pass on these values to their peers and establish Abstinence Clubs.

Mercia, with her professional nursing skills, and already involved with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, knew this was a programme in which she wanted to get involved. She volunteered, and was soon pitched into an introductory training session whose aim was to teach people how to effect behavioural change in the battle against HIV/AIDS through messages of abstinence and faithfulness.


Participants in Flying Mission's Lifeskills training courses, entitled "Life at the CrossRoads", do an exercise using poetry to help them reflect on their views of life in the face of the effect that HIV and AIDS has on the people around them.

The exercise is guided with words to begin each line of the verse. The participants complete the line in their own words.

The following is one of the poems written by one of the young women during a Lifeskills course.

A day on the Holy Cross combi

A typical combi!

Early this morning I arrived at Holy Cross Hospice and almost immediately found myself leaving again. The staff were all heading off to do some home visits. Myself, another nurse, a couple of nurse aides, a few social workers, several volunteers and a pre-school teacher bundle onto the combi and set off to a worn-out area of town called Old Naledi. Here, we bump and shudder along the dirt roads, negotiating crumbling homes, ditches, broken glass and excitable children.

Adventure with God

We wait and wonder, “What will they be like?” It’s a question we ask ourselves every time we make a trip to the airport to meet newcomers. We have seen their photos, read their CV’s (resumés), communicated by e-mail, but until we see them, there is still that question.

The doors open and there they are; Deborah from Switzerland, and Christian and Stefan from Germany. The youngest is 18 and the oldest 20.

Putting Smiles on Faces

The Tumelong Child Care Centre in Kumakwane has a new look. Tumelong, which provides a feeding program and learning facilities for orphans and other vulnerable children, now sports brightly painted walls inside and out. Flying Mission provided the paint, and Samara Lubbe and her friend Safura, both art students at Maru-a-Pula school in Gaborone, volunteered to paint pictures on the walls.

Oh, Baby!

It was not just an ordinary Sunday in Botswana. It was Boipuso, Independence Day. During his greeting, our pastor remarked that many babies born on Independence Day are given the name Boipuso. Mark tried hard to think of anyone he knew who was born on the 30th of September, but his mind drew a blank, and the thought of babies born on Independence Day passed out of his mind.

Walking the Talk

It’s not every day one hears a Botswana MP in fulsome praise of FM’s Director John L?bbe, but last week I heard it with my own ears.

The occasion? The presentation of certificates at Kagisong Conference Centre.

The achievers? 30 young people selected to undergo ‘Life at the Crossroads Behavioural Change Training’.

The aim? To run Abstinence Clubs in the community, and later in schools, to address HIV/AIDS issues.

The earth declares the glory of God!!

Cascades of brilliance in a dry, dusty landscape,

Fragrance of jasmine and citrus blossom,

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