Make way! More progress at Chilongolo base

Chilongolo, base for Flying Mission operations in Zambia, is growing in all directions. This new hangar, funded jointly by Beit Trust and a supporting church in USA, is the latest development. It will provide much-needed wind protection and hard standing for our aeroplanes. Indeed it may even enable us to apply for status as a maintenance base in the future.

Oh Lord, the clouds are gathering...

I just have to tell this story. It is definitely different! A bit frightening too, at first. I won't mention any names or places because of how it might impact the family involved.

Making Connections in Zambia

Open for business! Connections Guest House is finally ready to welcome you!

After several years of effort by many helpers from around the world, the main house at Chilongolo (Flying Misson Zambia's base outside of Lusaka) is ready to receive guests.

There's no church out here

Not many people want to live out in the Kalahari. People living there are largely un-thought of by the outside world. Seherelela is a settlement in the Kalahari - a place with a school for the children of the families working at the surrounding cattle posts, where people of Botswana who own cattle keep their herds.

There is no church here, but about 250 children here learned who Jesus is because a team of people cared enough to take time to share about him with them.

Cottage industry in the neighbourhood

Mavis concentrating on her squareWhen knitting wool arrived in the container from USA - you can read about it in the item, Worth waiting for - and needles appeared in boxes from UK shortly afterwards, we knew here at Flying Mission Zambia that it was time to get people knitting!

The girls in the neighbourhood were the first ones to try. They knitted 'squares' - in reality they were many interesting shapes - which they crocheted together to make a colourful blanket, of which they are most proud. It was fun to see them walking around with needles clicking, instead of sitting aimlessly around their houses. They will give the blanket to an older person when the cold winter nights come to Zambia in June and July.

Linknet explores Luapula Province

Outline of Luapula ProvinceWe headed into what was, for me, unexplored Africa. Mansa is the main town in the province of Luapula. Luapula is the poorest province in Zambia. If you are a government or medical official, it is the last place you want to get assigned. And, if you do get assigned there, you serve the minimum amount of time and then get out of there. It’s a long drive from Lusaka. So it is a bit of a forgotten part of Zambia. If you find someone who has lived there long, it is because they have a heart for the needs and people of the region.

We flew there in the Flying Mission Zambia C206 to check out two things:

A colourful story from Macha

a school with no roofI wonder what you get excited about. I would guess it's unlikely to be a mud-encrusted truck piled high with corrugated iron sheets. But that was exactly what did it for Macha folk this week, because the opening of their school depended on the safe arrival of that particular delivery.

Ronda Krause heads up the MICS (Macha Innovative Community School) deep in the bush in Southern Province. There at Macha they are building new premises for the school. When Ronda and her husband Gil returned from USA after Christmas to open for the new term, they found that the building was missing a vital component: the roof!

Can mission really be this much fun?

first FMZ flight

Here at Flying Mission Zambia we think it can. Vounteers young, and older, come to spend a few weeks or even months helping to develop the aviation service ministry which is unfolding in Zambia. They come with many talents and 'get stuck in'.

Boxing Day Blessings

Boxing Day - our first in Botswana. We hurry through breakfast and drive to the Princess Marina Hospital Parking Lot where we watch with interest as a van filled with cardboard boxes is being unloaded. "Quite appropriate for Boxing Day," I muse. Eventually three heavily laden gurneys are pushed to a reception area where we're met by most of Flying Mission's (FM) personnel - career missionaries, short-termers, pilots, mechanics, administrative staff and office staff - they're all here.

Are you curious about the boxes?

Chitokoloki gets a facelift

runway prepWith FMZ (Flying Mission Zambia) pilot family, the Smiths, now stationed permanently at Chitokoloki(Chit) to serve the Mission with a Cessna 206, resurfacing of the somewhat uneven grass airstrip had become urgent. The runway has now been gravelled. A big job, it cost an estimated 60,000 US Dollars. In a wonderful way, that expense has been covered for us.

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