From witchcraft to Christ

Perhaps you recognise this header as the title of a book written by Doreen Irvine in UK some years back. Or maybe you thought about Paul in his time at Ephesus when many trusted the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and turned from their magic to the Living God. The good news is that such things are still happening today! We heard this story from Gwen Amborski, Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) missionary formerly at our partner Mission station, Mukinge Hospital, NW Province.

Mukinge from the air

Rejoice with me. I have found my lost son!

Whilst visiting our partner missionaries at Chitokoloki recently, we were thrilled to hear this story from Gordon Hanna, the administrator there, and asked to share it with you all. Here it is as Gordon tells it:

Chitokoloki from the air

Trusting God even when it hurts

Back in 2005, Elvis Musonda worked for Flying Mission Zambia. In that time he became a believer. He also married Christina, a widow with 2 small sons. The couple had a child, a beautiful little girl. We named her Sarah, Princess, because she was the apple of her daddy's eye. When she was 6 months old, malaria struck her little body. Pneumonia followed and, despite all our efforts to help her, she died.

Sarah with parents

The FMZ family was shocked. Elvis and Christina were devastated. We wondered how Elvis would respond. Would he blame God? Not at all! He held on through this gut-wrenching experience - and found out God keeps his promises.

Those who hope in the Lord.....

We would like you to meet Peter Mwanza. He is a delightful lad. Peter was paralysed from the waist when, at 14, he contracted TB of the spine. Since he was already an orphan, it was Peter's grandfather who tried to care for him but, as Peter deteriorated, it became too difficult for him to manage. Peter was discovered by 'home carers' in a mud hut, emaciated, lying in his own excrement and close to death.

Peter with Sister Michael

Partnership in the Gospel

Back in the early days of Flying Mission Zambia, we told you about the donation of a diesel-powered hydraulic block-making machine which uses local soil and only small amounts of cement to make very strong, smart and relatively cheap building blocks.

block machine training

Rambos or Rainbowz? Life on the edge

housing in Makeni KongaHere at Makeni Konga, 15kms from central Lusaka, most families are living in simple, rented mudbrick housing. Men are mostly unemployed or only finding casual work; if they're lucky, women might work for a few mornings as a house help at a farm or for a person who has a job in town. There is usually little money coming into the home. The major strategy for survival for adults is to consume the local home-brew, which can be a fearsome liquid made from any spirit one might lay hands on. One nickname for it is 'red-eye', since those who drink it take on that appearance.

Impressions of Oshkosh

Oshkosh is a town in Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan. Every year, the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) organises the Air Venture show, which is generally known by the name of the town. For many years I have read reports and watched footage of the show on tv back in UK, so when I was invited to attend on behalf of Flying Mission Zambia, I said yes! It was an experience not to be missed.

Oshkosh 08This was my first time in America. What a big place! Big everything! Big Air Show! 20,000 or more aeroplanes flew in! There was almost every aircraft and aviation-related manufacturer there to display their products.

Flying displays took place every day at 3pm: top aerobatic teams and solo performances of all kinds. One week long, there were thousands of visitors each day. Many were themselves pilots, looking for new innovations.

Fire down below!

It's dry season in the Northwest Province of Zambia, and with it come different flying conditions...and sometimes, different landing conditions. So say Phil and Vella Smith, Flying Mission Zambia personnel.

Chavuma burns

"Mike 5-4, we are overhead Chavuma for landing, but having to circle because the airstrip is on fire!"

Welcome home!

Early this week the 'MICS Marching Band', along with all the workers of the UBUNTU campus' met at ABFA, the "All Blessings From Above" airstrip in Macha. They were welcoming home the van Stam family, back from a 2 month leave in their homeland, Holland.

welcome home

The family arrived safely with Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) Pilots, Dave and Guillermo, who brought them in for a safe and smooth landing.

The band greeted the family with music, cheers. streamers, and dancing.

Fun, games and life changes in Southern Province, Zambia

Our Macha partners have shared this story with us:

Macha was blessed just recently by a team of 10 wonderful people from the State of Virginia, USA. They spent their time visiting government schools and showing love to the children. They also did evening outreaches where they showed the Jesus film and many people were changed by it.

At the same time, the visitors were learning about the Tonga culture through interaction with the local people and a 'village live-in'.

They painted the Assembly of God church in a beautiful Zambian blue inside. They had a young people's day at church for the teens and the unmarried 20-30's. They visited the hospital and saw the new hospital playroom for children.

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