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Since we reported on Kenneth's accident in the item, 'Tell me your job description again', he has made very good progress. When Bryan Wilson MD of Flying Mission Zambia, took a party there recently, he took these photos for us. Shortly after that, Stuart Bassham, a UK volunteer, visited the remote hospital and chatted with medical staff there. He discovered that there was a need for a sling to enable a hoist to be used in the care of Kenneth. Stuart contacted his wife, Nicky, who works with disabled people. 

Toby's tale of family fun

By Toby Wilson, aged 6

Toby and Ross

Toby wrote this story after his family traveled to Peter Fisher's game farm located at the head of the Zambezi River in the far northwest of Zambia. Toby is the elder son of Bryan and Diane Wilson.  Peter Fisher is Chairman of the FMZ Board.

Toby and Ross woke up early in the morning because it was a special day. They were going to Peter Fisher's game farm. So they packed all the stuff into the car and they zoomed to Chilongolo and they put all the stuff in the aeroplane and flew to Peter's farm.

Big Books, Bigger Blessings!

Pastors Christopher, Cain, Robert & EmanuelThe Christian periodical was opened and the flyer fell out. Bold and colourful, it asked people to donate to a fund providing African Bible Commentaries for grass-roots pastors in Africa. (The ABC is a one-volume commentary written by 70 African scholars.) The reader, knowing some African pastors through work with Flying Mission, made bold to e-mail Langham Literature to ask if they had any Commentaries for distribution. Although at first they were unable to help, a few months later the reply changed, 'Circumstances have changed, how many would you like?' And so it was that 50 copies made their way to FM and FMZ!

Trolleys, Treats and Testaments

Every year Flying Mission distributes Bibles to patients at Princess Marina Hospital on the 26th December. Around 21 people, FM personnel and friends, met at 9.00am at PMH. Larry Murley, in charge of operations, gave thorough instructions, and by 9.20am we sailed forth with two trolleys packed with New Testaments and sweets. Singing mostly Setswana songs, we walked through the hospital, sharing God's glory with patients by talking with them, praying with them, and with the children, playing with them too! It was a time of mutual blessing for us all.

Flying for ZAWA: another angle

Guillermo Flying Mission Zambia Pilot, Guillermo Reddekopp, writes: Flying Mission Zambia is here to help Zambia but it has never before taken on a project like this one. FMZ was asked to assist Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to survey the animal stocks in the National Parks. Understanding that the work would take 3 weeks, FMZ accepted, with the reservation that planes would be withdrawn for normal scheduled mission flights and for maintenance.

It was soon clear that 3 weeks was insufficient time to fulfil the task. However FMZ pressed on to help the Authority complete the job, which finally took nearer to 8 weeks.

Tell me your job description again?

Here in Africa one never knows what might happen around us and without the '4 Emergency Services' to hand, the mission station is often the first port of call for problem-solving. Here is a recent story from the Smiths at Chitokoloki.

Tannis, Phil and KennethTannis Walker (Head of Hospital) has been the only missionary medical person around for a few weeks and has been handling any and all medical situations that have come in while our doctor has been on leave. This means a LOT falls to her. Decisions are often called for immediately, and such was the case one day when several local men came to her, carrying in a man on a blanket.

Kenneth had been in a tree trying to capture a baby monkey. Monkeys are a real menace here and play havoc in the maize fields, so the local people try to cull them in order to protect their crops. Kenneth had noticed a little one in a tree and knowing the mother was now gone, he had decided to capture the infant.

Man makes his plans...

The Human Resources Department is based at Head Office in Gaborone. It deals with enquiries about positions with Flying Mission and provides relevant information to those interested in joining the mission. Once accepted, those missionaries then work with HR to get themselves, their families and their goods and chattels into the country for a particular time. Sounds easy? It is NOT. Africa has its own challenges when it comes to communications.

Chilongolo Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year for Christians all over the world. Here in Zambia, the Flying Mission Zambia family shared their Christmas joy with the 'Rainbow Kids'. 180 local children raced to the hangar to see what was being prepared. They were very full of anticipation as they arrived on a wet Christmas Eve, leaving their shoes at the entrance.

The 'Mammoth' Task

Rick Rempel, FMZ pilot now stationed at Macha, gives his perspective on flying for ZAWA, Zambia Wildlife Authority

Count me if you can!Most of Flying Mission Zambia work consists of moving strategic people and equipment into, and out of, rural Zambia. But at the beginning of October, FMZ embarked on a whole new venture. ZAWA ( Zambian Wildlife Authority) made a special request for us to help them with their survey flights. The goal was to count the many elephants and other animals in the national parks and game management areas. They needed to get started immediately so they could finish before the trees leafed up and the rains began in Northern Province. 1 full-time mechanic, 3 planes and 4 pilots were assigned to accomplish this task.

FMZ revived! 2008 Spiritual Life Conference

Flying Mission Zambia first 'set up shop' in Zambia in 2004. Pioneering is a challenge and personnel have been working flat out since the inception of the project. Retreats had been discussed in the past, but only this year was it possible to arrange some time away from base as a team to refresh weary bodies, minds and spirits - and revive family life!

Zambezi river

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