I live in the village of Kumakwane and one day I visited the family of Mr M because he was sick.  I knew that the family would benefit from an egg each, so I brought them and explained why to the father whilst the children were standing there.  

They were very happy and hopeful to have an egg each but the father turned to them and said, “Eggs are not good for you, they will make you sick.”  However it seems they were perfectly good for he who was sick! 

I couldn’t help laughing at his explanation.  I found out that there is a traditional belief in Botswana that children and pregnant women should not eat eggs; it is not widely believed today. Elsewhere in Africa there is a belief that if a child eats eggs he will become a thief!  Many of us, no doubt, can think of traditional ‘beliefs’ in our cultures that are likewise without foundation, such as the fear of the number 13; buildings and streets in some countries do not use that number. Praise God that we do not need to live in fear of these superstitions - and that He does not withold any good thing from us.