For Such A Time As This...

It was 1930h and we were late. Not only was traffic heavy, it was downright slow - much like my day! Two simple tasks had consumed the spare time I'd hoped for. My husband spent his day lying on the cement hangar floor, removing a landing gear strut. Just 10 simple bolts, but this too took all day. As we parked the car and hurried in, the melody and words, "I worship You, Amighty God, there is none like You..." welcomed us and soothed our spirits. Participants at the Flying Mission (FM) Thursday Night Prayer Meeting are being skillfully led in worship of our Awesome God.

Tonight we'll watch snatches of a DVD called "Indescribable" by Louis Giglio, offering a brief exploration of the wonders and indescribable vastness of creation. In the beginning God created countless galaxies in space. In the whole scheme of things, the Milky Way is just one "neighbourhood." This planet we call home is just a "cul-de-sac" in the Milky Way. Our importance diminishes rapidly as we try to wrap our minds around this concept.

A knock at the door interrupts our thoughts. Dan (FM Pilot) hurries to speak with Mark (FM Operations Manager). Our focus shifts to Dan's wife, Shirley. Her silent lips form the words, "Mercy Flight," as she follows Dan to the door. A quick hug, the transfer of keys, and Dan disappears into the cool starry night.

We are guided through numerous items requiring prayer, and reminded to pray for the pilots who will transport a patient so ill that the flight can't wait until morning. We pray for wisdom, safety, perfect functioning of the aircraft and that the patient will survive the 100 minute flight from Maun to Gaborone and arrive in time to benefit from the urgently required medical care.

Later over coffee, we ask questions. "Will the runway lights be left on?" The short answer is, "Yes." "What time will the pilots return?" Shirley will get up to unlock the gate and door for Dan - she has his keys - about 0100h.

My mind returns to my seeming insignificance in the face of our Awesome Creator God. I attempt to reconcile the fact that I am less than a speck of dust, of no apparent value or importance, yet God knew me before I was conceived in the womb. Then I am reminded - God Himself has called us to Botswana. By divine appointment our lives and work intersect with those He wants to touch. He has called us here "for such a time as this."