What do you do all day?

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On weekdays, on most Saturdays, and occasionally on a Sunday, there is activity in and around the Flying Mission Zambia hangar. From Monday to Friday there are a number of guys who arrive at 7:15am.

By 7:30am there is a 'devotional time' which all those working that day at the hangar will attend. The guys have been going through “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers which has been really encouraging, if sometimes a little bit heavy at that hour of the morning! From thereon, daily tasks are discussed and assigned. 

Our auto mechanic goes to work on cars, tractors, forklifts and other machines.Our aircraft mechanics do maintenance, inspections, look at engine monitors, as well as check and change spark plugs. 










Our pilots refuel or de-fuel the planes, ready the plane and passengers for flights, and submit flight plans and clearances for the various flights. 





















Our IT guy works on our internet and how it connects to each of the buildings around the FMZ plot and to various other houses nearby. Our Finance Officer communicates with the bank about transfers that keep things running smoothly and keeps the books in order.


Our Grounds Manager interacts with the Zambian builders and grounds keepers.












Our Guest House Managers see to the guests and the Zambian ladies who do the cooking and cleaning in the Guest House.



Our MD communicates with many, many people about many, many things and keeps our vision fresh before us.


 Our Admin/HR Manager communicates via email with people asking about FMZ and sends out information.

We have a wonderful and diverse team of people working together at FMZ doing great things for God! and that's all before tea break!

Morning tea break comes and finds those at the hangar together for a brief moment and the camaraderie is evident. 

Lunch is taken down at the guest house around the picnic tables and many topics are discussed: from children and their antics, to our challenging electricity shortages, to visitors coming to see what FMZ does; many, many things. Occasionally, in school holidays, families will join in. 

At 4:30pm things start wrapping up. A plane or two may be returning, or about to return from a flight, and need to be back by sundown. Tools get put back in tool boxes and then returned to storage rooms to be locked up for the night. Planes that have been worked on throughout the day will be covered up to protect them from the dust, birds and mud wasps for the night. 

Throughout the day, as the people move about and interact with each other it is all observed by another life at the hangar. High up in the peak of one end of the roof we have installed a large white triangular box with a round hole in the front for our resident owl. She is a beautiful creature, silent and large with white/light grey coloring. Although her daily “gifts” are less than welcome, we welcome her company and beauty. 

We are so blessed to be working and living in such a peaceful place with such a great and diverse team surrounded by an abundance of God’s beautiful creation.  

Ps 19: 1-2 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.”