Another 'first' at Chilongolo

New home at ChilongoloWhen Michael and Jenni Sampson joined the Flying Mission Zambia team, they needed to find a place to stay. After living in rented accomodation for a while they decided that they could both meet their own housing need and also enhance the facilities of the base by building a house on site at Chilongolo. (Read all about its beginnings in the item, Building the Kingdom - and the infrastructure).

In mid-January they moved in.

Michael's building skills produced the frame; Jenni's home-making skills are turning it into a comfortable place for them to live. It is not quite finished but already it's looking great.

Its proximity to their work is a great asset (Michael is Projects Manager at the base and Jenni is Guest House Manager). As well as being their personal home for the foreseeable future, it is sure to become a place of hospitality, prayer and discipleship.

Nice work, Guys.