These boots are made for...MUD

up close and personalDon't be taken in by the flowery pattern: these boots are no fashion accessory! Anyone who has been in 'red-earth' Africa in the rainy season knows well the terror of mud! German-born, Portuguese-dwelling, volunteer Bärbel Kautz has already had experience of it in Lesotho. It sticks like glue and won't let your feet go! So she planned to avoid repeating this experience by coming to Zambia in September and leaving right at the beginning of December. 'I don't do mud' she declared.

What a shock when the rains began early this year in Zambia!  (See The Weather Report on this page also. ) She reports:

'Within 30 minutes all earth turned into mud but the next day (or sometimes even after a few hours) it was all dry again and clouds of dust in the air. But anyway, I got worried that my shoes won’t be enough once the “real” rain would start. Gabi (FMZ Administrator and font of all knowledge! ed) told me she had seen rubber boots in the South African supermarket, so next Sunday afternoon we went there and they even had my size!! So I bought them for 15€. I thought that was cheap; Gabi thought it was expensive. But it seems that you can buy plain black boots for a lot less, whereas my boots are dark blue with pink flowers!!! fashion accessory to make you  smileOh – Lukas (the Swiss short termer for one year) told me that now I have the boots it is not going to rain – and he was right. So for the last two weeks it was hot (around 40ºC) every day and at night.'

Bärbel is running the Mission Guest House whilst full-time manager, Jenni, takes some leave. Part of her work involves purchasing supplies from Lusaka for the guests. She has become an expert mini-bus traveller. About this form of public transport she says,

'One funny thing about the minibuses: they usually have something written over the rear window, like “In God we trust” or “Fisher of men”. I like best “Prayer helps” because it certainly does on the minibus – for filling up quickly, for less stops in between, for no accidents or breakdowns…….'

Thanks for helping to keep Flying Mission Zambia Chilongolo base working efficiently for God's glory, Bärbel. We're sorry about the mud - and we won't even mention the hunter spiders that race like mad around houses (and people) at the mere smell of rain. Keep wearing the long skirt!

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