Building the Kingdom - and the infrastructure

Jenni and Michael SampsonAustralians Michael and Jenni Sampson have joined the team at the Flying Mission Zambia base, Chilongolo. Michael is the Projects Manager, whilst Jenni manages the Guest House. Here Michael gives us some impressions of his work.

'Over the last few months the Zambian staff and I have been getting to know each other. I had forgotten about the great sense of humour and their very respectful and relationship-building character traits of Zambians.

On the various building projects happening around the site, I often hear vigorous debating on a range of subjects, followed by eruptions of laughter.

The guys have been doing a lot of digging, laying many hundreds of metres of electric and internet cables, as well as water pipe from the second borehole to the main feeder tank on the property.

We have also mixed and laid a considerable amount of concrete, the largest pour being 13 cubic metres for a new house slab. All this was mixed by hand, starting at 7am and was completed by 4pm.

laying cable   mixing cement

footings of the airfield houseHousing in the Chilongolo area, where FMZ is located, is an issue. It is a farming area outside of the city of Lusaka. There is not much property from which to choose, and what is available needs to be brought up to standard. In most houses around here roofs leak, mosquitos, termites and rodents try to share the inside space, glass is absent from windows, and security bars need to be fitted.

moving blocksWe are house-sitting at Chilongolo till January. So that we can continue to live close to our work, we have decided to fund the building of a 2 bedroom house on the FMZ site, 150 metres from the Guest House. It will be bathed in sun from the beautiful African sunrises and sunsets. Being close to the airstrip (near the windsock), we won't be able to miss the planes taking off and landing! The house will be the property of FMZ. If you would like to contribute to this project, just contact the office here.

The Workers' Bible Study is a part of every Tuesday afternoon. We are studying the book of Romans. There are big differences in education levels and the comprehension of English, so I have found this very challenging to lead. We are at chapter 8 which speaks about the new life in the Spirit that Christians can enjoy as a result of Christ's saving work.'Workers' Bible Study

Everything that Flying Mission is doing is grounded in Jesus. Whether it is by offering aviation support to rural missions or by sharing the Gospel personally, our role is to tell God's Great Love Story to all who will hear us. Lives are at stake here in Zambia. We invite you to pray for us to be empowered to fulfil the task.