Caring for the caring

 Jenni SampsonMeet Jenni Sampson. She is Guest House Manager at the Flying Mission Zambia base at Chilongolo, near Lusaka. She shares some insights into her work:

Esther in the kitchen'It has been 110 days since taking over the Guest House. On 83 of those days we have had guests, catering for 464 people in all. So that is only 37 days when have we had no guests. That is when renovations, cleaning and catch-up stuff happens! The job does take most of my time. Our hours are quite long, just because of the nature of the work but I am enjoying meeting lots of different people and hearing about the many varied work going on around Zambia.

The array of guests is very interesting. Here are some examples:

Doctors for Life: an NGO based on upholding the 3 principles of the sanctity of life, sound medical science and basic Christian medical ethics. In May, a group of Doctors from South Africa and USA performed eye surgeries (cataract operations), dental work and general medical procedures in the Western Province. See

 Guesy House open  garden

Nurses For Africa: an organisation where nurses connect with and support communities in the developing world by providing medical treatment with their partner organisation in Zambia: Hands at Work. During August  and September, around 40 nurses from the USA will come through. See

Christian World Outreach: HIV/Aids orphan care and prevention programmes within the community and partnering with the Zambian Police Service in HIV education; evangelistic outreach and discipleship to street boys. See

Mr and Mrs SeilerWycliffe Bible Translators /The Seed Company: a 2011-2014 project working on the Gospel of Luke, the Jesus film and a pictorial Bible storytelling series for 5 people - language groups within the Lozi tribe and language group of the Western Provence of Zambia. See

Mercy Flyers: partnering with FMZ: flying specialist medical care to those geographically remote and poor in Southern Africa. In Zambia, it provides medical evacuations, and outreach surgeries to remote areas. See

Kirsty at ChilongoloStudents visiting during northern hemisphere holiday breaks from USA, Switzerland and UK, searching for direction on what to do / where God wants them and meanwhile offering their help and/or expertise to help where they can.

Pastors & church workers: many come to Lusaka for business or a break, en route to meetings or international destinations for various reasons. They come from cities and rural areas alike and all have stories to tell of their work and how God is providing for what He is doing. Julia, nurse with Basshams

Medical students from USA & UK doing ?summer break? rotations in outlying hospitals and clinical outreaches stay on their way through Lusaka. 

2 USA church groups of 12-14 people came to FMZ for up to 10 days each and helped paint walls, run children's programmes, fix things and work on a local church.

Swiss National Day9 Swiss missionaries serving in different ways and in different parts of Zambia enjoyed a weekend together in Lusaka, celebrating National Swiss Day on August 1st. Our cook was on annual leave that week so I cooked their dinner, and got to enjoy their patriotism as they decorated the table with flags and red-and-white candles. They sang the national anthem together, along with other songs. Fun was had by all.

FMZ staff  CASAS Team 

It is a privilege to be there for such a varied group of visitors, all with a heart to assist those most in need. Besides caring for our international visitors, I really enjoy helping to re-charge the batteries of those who are 'out there' day after day, serving right across the nation of Zambia.'