Different year: same extraordinary love story!

Flying Mission Zambia serves the whole country with its aviation services from its base at Chilongolo, near Lusaka. FMZ personnel have always enjoyed working with our neighbours to show Christ's immeasurable love to His World. Christmas is a great time to do this and this is the report of 'Chilongolo Christmas 2010' from John and FRainbowz celebrate Christmasaith Solt, who help to lead Rainbowz, the weekly children's meeting.

It was the day after Christmas. It looked like rain again!  We drove up the road to get ready for Rainbowz. About 40 children were anxiously waiting at the gate.  They were an hour early, excitedly anticipating what was to come.  When the gate finally opened, over 170 children ran to the rondaval, oblivious to the rain clouds that were forming overhead. 

preparingWe sang some of our usual songs as the children in the Christmas story play got their props.  Raindrops started to fall, so we prayed and soon it stopped.  The Christmas story began:

 Mary and Joseph“A census was to be taken….”  Mary and Joseph walked around the rondaval searching for a place to stay.  The children all laughed as Mary pulled out the doll representing baby Jesus from under her shawl and placed him in the manger.  The sheep were making so much noise “Baa, baa" but when the angel appeared they all fell to the ground.  What fun watching the children who were shepherds and sheep run to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus.  Having the children act out the story enabled them to visualize the unusual events that took place at Jesus's birth.

waiting hopefully for giftsAfter explaining to the children that Jesus is the greatest gift of all, they lined up to receive a gift from Flying Mission.  Each gift bag contained a toy, a bar of soap and a shirt.  As they left through the gate they also received a homemade cookie. Our Mission Family helped to distribute the gifts in an orderly manner - thank you for doing that vital job! 

After so many hours of preparation, it was hard to believe that the children were on their way home after only 45 minutes.

Our prayer is that each child of the Makeni Konga area - and indeed their families also - would truly understand the real meaning of Christmas and be transformed by the love of God. Please join us in praying for God to do His work as we serve Him faithfully in this district of Lusaka.

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