Lusaka under water

floods in LusakaThis rainy season has been particularly severe in Lusaka, capital of Zambia, where the Flying Mission Zambia base is located. Getting to and from Chilongolo, 15 kms from the centre, has been a logistics exercise in itself. When the Flying Mission Board visited recently, the road was so damaged and blocked by broken-down vehicles that a flight had to be generated to get personnel back into town! We'll let the pictures show you the conditions.


People have been evacuated from their homes all over the city. They have been 'housed' in tented camps on the Showgrounds and Independence Stadium sites.

camping in practiceThe pictures which follow were taken from the plane whilst FMZ flew the Christian mission 3D-Outreach personnel to photograph the conditions. 3D-Outreach is a holistic support group which works with partners to improve all aspects of life for the people. In this instance there was concern about cholera infection and so FMZ was able to assist it to evaluate the situation.

 aerial shot  aerial shots

Our Children's volunteer worker, Webster, was evacuated from his home in the area of Chawama, because the rains were about knee deep inside and outside of his home. He is currently staying in the makeshift camp at Showgrounds. 

 tents in Stadium  camping!

shopping in the floodsLife has been seriously disrupted for many and in some cases there have been fatalities. 

Tough times call for a Mighty God. We are thankful that Zambia declares itself a Christian nation and many know the One who delivers from such difficulties. He keeps them smiling despite all. We at FMZ are doing what we can to introduce more Zambian communities to our God of all Hope.