Busy-ness as usual at Rainbowz

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Flying Mission Zambia Manager, Bryan Wilson, calls it 'Mad Hour' and oh boy! on Sunday the Rainbowz meeting place was full, full, full! Perhaps 160 children crowded into the Flying Mission Zambia rondaval (an old satellite dish thatched to give us protection from the sun's rays) where we do Children’s Bible Club each week. Rainy season in Zambia is between November and March and so a few times we have had to cancel the meetings but this week the sun shone and the children turned out in style!


Zambian teacher-translator Jojo turned up faithfully, despite being sick this week but, unusually, Webster, the leader, was a little late. Fortunately God had provided. God loves meRogers, the FMZ guard, stepped into the breach along with Sally Green, here in Zambia again for a short time. It seems she can’t keep away from these children!

Webster was bringing the teaching materials so Jojo and Sally had to think on their feet – 'tamanga', fast! We rehearsed some of the familiar songs they love to sing, then Sally told the report of an angelic visitation to a family in crisis in nearby Zimbabwe. She wanted to illustrate to the children that God is still doing wondrous things in our day and on their continent amongst people just like them. She gave them the eternal message: God loves YOU and ME.

WebsterAfter that – playtime. What do you do with 160 children, one football, a few beanbags and some washing up bowls? Well, we were quite inventive and had some fun races and games for the next half hour.

Webster joined us towards the end and helped out for the last part of the hour. 

The children did not want to go home. They never seem to want to go home. They kept going to the gate and then finding a reason to return. Finally they left.

Jojo after Rainbowz

This is how Jojo felt afterwards! 

But we were all still smiling as we thanked God for helping us to lead these guys to Himself. Could you join with us by choosing one of these sunny faces and praying for them to meet with the Living God?

Thank you. All rewards in Heaven. 

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