Cooking up a storm in Africa

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Sally cooks nshimaLast week there was a role switch at Tiyanjane, the woman's group that started two years ago in the neighborhood of Flying Mission Zambia's base. Some of the village ladies taught the Wazungu (white) ladies, and each other, how to cook some of their traditional Zambian dishes. It was a lot of fun. The missionaries found it quite hard work stirring the pot of nshima (the stiff maize meal porridge which is their staple food) but then we had the pleasure of eating it all!


the foodIt was delicious. In the front of the picture to the left, you can see African Polony and nshima. Behind them are the relishes (side dishes) of pumpkin leaves, okra, and fried bukabuka fish with tomato and onion. It was tasty and nutritious. Families would normally only have nshima along with a relish of vegetable leaves so we all enjoyed this extra special meal.

Notice the way the hands are washed before and after meals using the bowl and cup/jug method! It works.

washing hands before mealAfter eating, we gathered for Bible teaching, which the ladies have come to enjoy very much. They have learned from God’s dealings with other women in the Scriptures and from discussions with the missionary ladies who support them. Susi Schneider and Sally Lott have also taught them basic hygiene, nutrition, about illnesses common in Africa and how to manage them. The women have made clothes for their children and also mosquito nets and window screens for their homes. All the time they are hand knitting at home for the cold season; also making bowls and mats from plastic bags and rags. They have bold ideas for a knitting machine in the future.

Bible timeThis group is growing, not only numerically but also in their walk with God. They are recognizing change in one another: they smile more; they are more open with one another; they share more. There is a sense of hope amongst them which was barely there before. Some who had no interest at all in the God of Hope have begun to respond to His love.

Thanks to all who support them with materials and in prayer. Recently one USA women’s group has taken on the task of praying for each individual woman in Tiyanjane along with her family. The women appreciate this so much. If other Christians would like to do a similar thing, there are 160 Rainbow Kids looking for prayer sponsors! You can read about them elsewhere on the news pages, along with the history of the Tiyanjane Women's group.