October 2018

So what do missionaries do all day?

Have you ever wondered what a missionary's day might look like? Of course, every one is different, but to show her supporters what they are investing in, Sally Lott (Flying Mission Zambia Member Care) described one day she had recently. We invite you to journey with her in Zambia's capital and suburbs.

Fleet change options

The Flying Mission Zambia fleet of aircraft dates from the late 1970's to early 1980's. We feel the aging of our planes in the increased maintenance needed on them. In the last couple of years, we have been looking for solutions to replace this fleet. Andy Kradolpher, Operations Manager, was in Austria in February of this year to test fly a new design.











Multi-tasking for the greater good


Recently, Andy Kradolpher’s helicopter maintenance experience came in handy when, on a normal Flying Mission Zambia passenger flight, the pilot/mechanic was able to help fix a former FMZ Board member’s helicopter.

Cinema opens again in Makeni

Mishek, one of the young men discipled by Flying Mission Zambia missionaries, continues to report on his projectionist activities, telling of further decisons for Jesus from the children who came to see the second part of the Gospel story. The sacrifice of Jesus melted the hearts of some of those watching the film, along with hearing God speaking in their own language.

Meeting needs in rural Zambia

Elissa and Darren Tompkins have served as Medical missionaries at Mukinge Hospital in NW Zambia for 8 years. Darren is the Medical Director. Elissa home schools their 5 children.

Elissa and the children stayed at the Flying Mission Zambia Guest House in Lusaka for some days recently, in order to do shopping and other chores. (Darren had to stay at Mukinge to provide medical cover at the Hospital). Elissa brought their 4X4 in for repairs and she was able to borrow an FMZ car.