September 2018

The indefatigable love of God

There is a young man in Makeni whose heart burns for Jesus and his community. His name is Mishek.

Ever since Flying Mission Zambia began to operate its base outside of Lusaka, there has been a bond with the local community. It has manifested in different forms -Women's Handwork and Bible group [Tiyanjane], Lads' soccer, children's Sunday meeting [Rainbowz], Girls' Day Out project, Lads Bible Study, as well as other intermittent events. You can read about their evolution since 2004 on the website here.

A bit of member care

And after the fire came a gentle whisper

How often are you reflecting on your everyday life? Do you take time in the evenings to calm down? To calm your thoughts and reflect on what happened today or what the next day might bring? I don't mean to worry about things, but to reflect on them in a Godly way, a meaningful and helpful way.

Nina's done it again


Our creative Nina has been at work in the hangar. She explains: 

I had the privilege of thinking about some creative ways to express the work we are doing here in Zambia and how we contribute to seeing Zambia being transformed.