Happy endings

EvaLynn Lott

Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) uses the Internet extensively to conduct its business and communicate with the rest of the world. EvaLynn Lott (16) has written of some events which finally enabled her family to have an Internet connection at their home 4 kilometres from Chilongolo, FMZ base, where her father David is Chief Pilot.

'Okay everyone - are you ready? 'asked Dad. The tension was building inside of me, just like the tension on the ropes that were helping to raise the Internet tower in our garden. I was excited - and scared. If this tower did not go up as hoped, we could end up smashing a corner of our house, or worse still, hurting someone. Even worse, it could kill someone. I shoved that thought out of my head. I needed to be positive. We all pulled on our lines as Dad pulled with the truck. Within seconds, the tower was smoothly on its way up, up, up. Just as I was thinking, 'perfect', the tower decided to do something else. Instead of stopping at vertical, it went on going...over, over, over - crash! It fell, hitting an electric cable and causing a blue flash, just as if God were taking a picture of us!

what happened?

Fortunately the damage that occurred to our property from the first attempt to erect the tower was minimal. However the tower itself was in pretty bad shape - an artistic zigzag - but with a neat bit of welding, it was restored to its former glory. God had protected us: no-one was hurt and the buildings were missed. Even our very important washing line survived.

About 3 months later everything was ready for another attempt to raise the tower. This time we had a better strategy. We were going to put it up manually and we brought in more helpers. Needless to say, my worries had increased tenfold after the last attempt. Erecting this tower seemed to be more and more dangerous. Progress was cautious and painstaking but slowly and surely the tower rose to its full height and stood tall beside our house. It was up! Within 2 weeks it was braced. I do pray it won't be coming down any time soon.

Leonard climbs up

My family and I are very thankful that our Internet is up and running. We use it every day for home schooling when there is power to run it. It took 6 months to reach this stage and it seemed long to us but I believe we had it in God's time. He gives gifts to His children when He chooses, not necessarily immediately when we ask. Thank you to all who helped us physically and spiritually to receive this much appreciated gift at the right time.

EvaLynn Lott