Towards a harvest

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'For the past four months the water tank at James and Elosia's has been sitting on the ground', wrote Faith Solt from Flying Mission Zambia. 'Yesterday that changed. A truck with a crane came to Flying Mission to pick up the twenty-foot tower that had been made for the tank to stand on. Since we are still in the rainy season, the road to their house was very muddy. The truck got stuck about 1/2 mile from their home. We were very fortunate that it had a hydraulic lift to raise it up.  We were then able to put some small trees under the tyres. Forty-five minutes later the truck pulled up to their home. 

water towerAlthough James had asked some men to help, it was actually John who did most of the work with the crane operator. They set the tower in place and lifted the water tank up onto the stand. It sounds simple but it was not. John had designed the stand with a ladder and he climbed up and down many times. He was tired by the end of the day.

I, on the other hand, had a relaxing day talking with Elosia and her children. She showed me their fields with maize and cabbages.

Having the water tank on the tower will enable them to grow crops and water the fields in the dry season and provide water to their neighbors.'

All Flying Mission personnel complete a period of orientation before they take up their duties. John and Faith Solt were the first ones to spend 10 days in the home of James and Elosia, in their village an hour outside of Lusaka where they pastor. (Read about their experience in 'We felt like spoilt Americans'.) The couples became firm friends and have continued to visit and support one another ever since.

Galations 6 v9: Let us not grow weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.