Oh no! The Rondaval is coming down!

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early days at ChilongoloThe Rondaval! We're pretty sure you have seen it pictured in previous news reports. Built from an upturned satellite tracking dish, the former owner of Chilongolo used it as a shelter for his charter flight passengers. When Flying Mission Zambia took over the property, it became the meeting place for Rainbowz, the Bible Studies, Fellowship meals, Prayer meetings, Easter Sunrise service, Farewell parties, distribution of soccer kit - many, many relationship-building events. Now, with the development of the base extending, it is in the way, so it is coming down!

 music at Rainbowz

farewells at the Rondaval

But don't be sad, because it is being superceded by a new purpose-built facility for the growing community-directed activities at the base.

soccer teams help outThe soccer teams are helping to dig foundations for the new building, the Recreation Centre. Their participation is giving them a sense of 'ownership'. It will be a meeting place and also an equipment store for all the groups who meet weekly at Chilongolo. It will be bigger than the rondaval and placed more strategically beside the soccer pitch, allowing for more space, better access and with more useful ground around it. We are all excited about this latest addition to the infrastructure.

Work has begun, but funds are needed to complete it. If this is something in which you would like to invest, please contact us. You may use this link (contact us), and your email will be very welcome.

To read more about the Rainbowz (Children's Ministry) click here. To read more about the soccer team, click here.